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Valiant Leaders LLC provides leadership coaching and training through one-on-one mentoring, seminars, group sessions and numerous leadership resources. We work with pastors, individuals, churches, executives, businesses and various other organizations in the development and execution of leadership skills. Start leading confidently as the leader you were created to be.

Developing the Empathy to Lead Well

For many years, I lacked the empathy necessary to help the people who were going through difficult situations and looking to me for guidance. This was problematic for me as I was a pastor at the time. My justification for not empathizing with others was that I had...

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Tip No. 3 for Being A Present Leader

Being a truly present leader in all your interactions can radically increase your impact and influence. As outlined in my previous post, forgetting your title and focusing on the person in front of you are two important ways to be an effective, present leader. In this...

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As a leadership coach, Jim has a wonderful way providing guidance and direction with one hand while holding me accountable with love and grace with his other hand. He takes our appointments and our time seriously, yet he also is a delight to work with and easy to talk to. Jim has proven his leadership in his tremendous experience as a pastor and as a stewardship director. I heartily recommend working with Jim if you are given the opportunity to do so.

Anthony C.

Thank you for facilitating at the 141st Air Refueling Wing located at Fairchild, AFB …I can attest that your presentation was well received.

The feedback sheets were all extremely positive.  The information was both pertinent and increased the knowledge of all the audience.  I can also state you were very easy to work with….

Maj. James Whiteley


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